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Friday, October 3, 2014

Sara Malakul Lane

Sara Malakul Lane (born 1 February 1983) is a Thai-American model and actress who has appeared in a number of films over the past few years, most notably Jailbait and Sharktopus.
Sara Malakul Lane was born in Thailand to an English father and Thai mother. She started her acting career at the age of 12 and began modeling at 14.[2] Her first role in a Hollywood film was playing Steven Seagal's daughter in Belly of the Beast.[1] She then starred in Sharktopus with Eric Roberts.[3] Lane then starred in a number of films forThe Asylum including Jailbait and 12/12/12. She has 3 films due for release in 2014.


  • Belly of the Beast (2003)
  • The Volcano Disaster (2005)
  • พยัคฆ์ร้ายส่ายหน้า (Phayak Rai Sai Na), "Dumber Heroes" (2005)
  • เพราะรักครับผม (Phro Rak Khrapphom) (2005)
  • Tied in Knots (2008)
  • Sharktopus (2010)
  • 12/12/12 (2012)
  • 100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)
  • JAILBAIT (2013)

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